Time capsule

Wasted hours in incumbent Battling between evil and good Realised the value of a day Battling once again The lost treaty Old patterns embedded strongly Change is irritable Convinced the other side is greener Patience and hope are the new teachers The minds are quick learners The pendulums oscillation Times have changed Minds are one […]

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Lost and waisted a lot of time understanding myself and today when I understand myself completely my fears of age and my physical attributes not being my major support provoke my impulsiveness out to the world!!! The urge to Help me help is taking over me faster than light can travel.The silent stigma of bipolar […]

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Help me help yourself

I’m a recovered bipolar who suffered through for 18 years!! Stopped medicines in 2011 and today try as much as possible to spread my positivity through my blog,as I have the urge to tell people nothing is impossible even if the fight is with your own mind.Blog writing is very time consuming and the need […]

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