Guardians helplessness

A bipolar persons life is a blend of always two,not less and not more.Good and bad,sad and happy,love and hate,mood swings and difficulties in choosing the right.We bipolar feel another me inside us,refer to her or him as the one who’s to blame.We feel slaves to our master.Our mood swings are depended on how pleased […]

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Selfless love

I am the blessed and fortunate one to have the best mother,though difficulties in life forced me to wonder if my mom could have the same thought about me.As a child I was very sweet,stubborn,demanding and difficult to please,but since I was my mothers daughter she too possessed almost the same qualities but in the […]

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Life will go death will come You are living taking it for granted But so what it’s my birthday tomorrow You came as one you will go as one Don’t acquire pain in love sorrows and desires But so what it’s my birthday tomorrow Your teenager days were a trauma Your marriage days were an […]

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