Bipolar personality emergency

It all started on 6th January 2014,my first day on WordPress.I had said no to medicines since March 2012 and two years later almost same time I was put for just 5 days on severely strong medications due to stress, I thought I could manage on my own and pain which was unbearable.The need to […]

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Positively taming bipolar

This is my own experience of positively taming bipolar!! At the age of seven my mom was told by my paediatric I need to see a counsellor,but due to myths, silent social stigma and not too much of acceptance of the newly found mental Illnesses,my family was skeptical in doing so.We lived in India, City […]

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Past existed gone today Rage insanity worries and pain In control today If tomorrow comes Bright is our future Untrustworthy were she and me Gaining trust is not our worry Fearless are we Lived by flames Diplomaed by aromas Minds weak pure heart are we Strengths desires courage positivity we share Indebted and in love […]

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