When there’s a will GOD guides the way

1993 it was love at first sight for me.Cast differences,immaturity on my behalf,just left convent school and felt like a free bird in a coed college.Met my now husband through a common friend and then all that followed was one perfect being deeply in love with a surprised bipolar personality( that’s me).We continued our true […]

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Amavasya ~ New moon

Scientifically I’m clueless as to the knowledge of the new moon.Being bought up in India,as a child whenever I was curious and wanted some excitement I would catch hold of some elderly person and force them to tell me scary and beyond life stories.Yes I was never the barbie doll playing girl.My neighbours and playmates […]

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Life will go death will come You are living taking it for granted But so what it’s my birthday tomorrow You came as one you will go as one Don’t acquire pain in love sorrows and desires But so what it’s my birthday tomorrow Your teenager days were a trauma Your marriage days were an […]

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