Still a monster!!

I was a pretty face with a living monster inside me always looking for opportunities to prove I’m right n I’m d less fortunate cause I’m dealing wid mood disorders.But one fine day I took up d strength n hope to fight my mind n live for d people who r my family n hubby n my 2 kids n I’m here happy but still fighting in my mind,but d fight is silent n non disturbing to anyone outside my mind.I gained it with tuning my mind to do n act only positive things like d normal people do.But today people call me normal cause they can’t c the monster but they don’t know one thing,I learnt to camouflage it n let it appear specifically when I need to be humorous .

About me

Long story….I got married at 19 n got my first baby at 20 n suffered wid intense post potom physcosis,n at that time in 1997 awareness was zero,got guided wrongly,suffered d torture n my family suffered more than me but was very 2011 just got fedup of suffering n seeing my own people being a target took up d strength to leave medicines n take my disorder as my strength.N here I am.hope u dint sleep thru my story๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜‚


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