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Magical Amritsar

Golden temple~Day time view The craving of seeing the golden temple (Gurudwara) as we call it in India had been there in me ever since I got married in 1996.Almost everyone in my family had some time visited Amritsar.Had heard about its beauty and bliss all the time but my eyes yet had to capture […]

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Nostalgic Venice

Venice a seaport in NE Italy build on numerous islands.A place if asked about I would strongly recommend to go exclusively with your lover or husband,but off course kids too just for the first time.I was fortunate that my eyes experienced the beauty in the lagoons of Venice,yet still crave to someday elope away just […]

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Memorable trip to Sri Lanka

The thing I love the most about travelling is I pay for only one ticket and my bipolar gets a free ride.My trip to Sri Lanka was in 2007 with my sister,my adorable son and a few friends.We covered Colombia,kandy and one more place but can’t remember it to well cause of memory blocks due […]

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