Hello People, Join Me at My New Blog




Hello and greetings from INDIA.I don’t know and as usual a bit shy as to where to start my this year story from:) There is so much to tell! No I won’t bore my readers as I know for sure you all have been my motivation when I was going through the roughest creativity patch.Yes I’m addressing my followers,my motivators actually,the ones who liked my about me,followed me,reblogged my post and poetries,commented on my post and strengthen my bipolar minds.Its exactly 3 months back I started with wordpress.Since I’m a big apple fan (Steive jobs) i, with the help of a friend created my own wordpress site and started to write.I was very excited as this was on my sub conscience mind from donkey’s years.It all started off very well as I had blessings and the support of my real family and the unconditional support of my virtual family.The speed I ran,I fell badly and hurt myself, but as I’m a strong runner,I’m here to inform all my wordpress friends and followers that I have bought a domain and changed my website to possitively taming bipolar.Wordpress will always be my first love! I don’t want to miss on anybody and will get back to each and everyone even if it has to take time,as I cherish people who support me.The above picture is me,with oddles of lost weight due to mental and physical problems.I sustain due to drinking loads of water.Thanks to Mother Nature!

Below is my new website address.Request you all to join me there,as I’m just getting a hold on technical stuff.Must say its DIFFICULT,but I am LEARNING.



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