History repeats


Once upon a time long ago
There was born a baby girl
Happy was she to come to this world
Unknown to herself was she
Drama queen or an over actor

Full of surprises was her life
Filled with fun and frolic
Some sunshine…. some the storm
Little was she….so trembled with fear
Innocently accepted all feelings
Love hate tears hugs insults abuses

There came a knight in shining armour
Picked her up and galloped away her pains
Proud parents a few years later
A heir to their names
Demi God was he to his mother

Took all her pains by a silent shutter
Sacrifices are never a waste
History repeats today
Once again against all odds
Fearless is the baby girl

2 Comments on “History repeats

  1. Till, today, I must have met, many people, every one is and was a useful teacher, in my life, I do have many people known to me, but the quest to be known to best, was still, far off. Loneliness was creeping into my system, as all my life, I have been a simple straight forward extrovert, generally more misunderstood than accepted.
    Salil and Meenal, let me once again be, what I am, and accept my heartfelt feelings and emotions, you’re both the best, by far. To happen to come into my life,
    I maybe in hurry, to say so, just after the first and only interaction, anyways, for me , life is too short, time too precious to waste. Rest is for you to accept it or not and react.
    God bless you and your family, love you all very much. always.

    • Thank you so much uncle….you being there is enough for us.Thank you for removing your precious time and reading and commenting on my blog.We love you and your family too:)

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