Good morning☕️☕️almost sick from past 15 days drinking unknowingly im purified water with 100 fever almost daily,bad bronchitis,and headache.My both kids having their final exams with my husband travelling due to his job. Too much on my hands,as I newly started recognising my writing skills too,must say my creativity should have waited until my mothers responsibility were over😂Being a bipolar is sometimes very difficult as we want to deal with everything with perfection! I took too much stress for my kids exams as if I was going to write their paper,and ended up at a physician with a viral infection and little high blood pressure( looks like bp is very attached to me)

Always due to past medicines and dryness I learnt water is the best healer.knew this time I need to keep myself from getting dehydrated,so drank maximum water,fruits,juices and curd.Learnt from the above to let go of some responsibility and ask for help,though learnt it with once again taking antibiotics which induce sleep and dryness in the mouth.Taking a weekend sabbatical along with my son who’s final test are next week.

A friendly advice to my bipolar friends, we already dealing with our minds,let go and ask for help and know our strengths.Share work and be expressive in your surroundings as no one but we can help our selfs.With love and with being humble help pours in from places least expected.Keep consuming loads of water and liquids.It makes the immune system stronger.Rest I’m sure the family and counsellors do their job well.Stay blessed.


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