It was all balanced it was all fine
Was wondering is it really happening
It was all merry and we all were happy
I was really high so was she
Then came the unexpected hit
I wanted to manage but she wanted to react
I tried but in vane and she started the pain
She digs inside me and I become her slave
I then am made to do as she desires
She succeeds in her mission
I’m confused in her fusion
My blood silences her hunger
I pity myself yet I’m blamed

10 Comments on “Destroyer

  1. None to blame for life is too short for us to enjoy ….
    why cry when you can smile and fly .
    Let the other one be happy for oblivious is bliss .
    master the trick to tame the wild .
    one who write knows what to play .
    for you are the one and only one who leads from front .

  2. Put a stake through her heart before she takes another bite. Yeow!

    Hope you’re doing well 🙂

    • Lol Jason….. It’s my 19th anniversary tomorrow and my hubby surprised me with a trip to the golden temple and the poem was a reminder of our 11th anniversary!!! Truly appreciate your concern though,my virtual family is as caring as my real😂👍

      • No completely different, i enjoyed her books for many years… it is different from everybody else’s, her characters are so vivid, so full of life.

        look out for the Lestat character, he is my favorite. you know Interview with the Vampire (the movie) was based on one of her books…

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