Amavasya ~ New moon


Scientifically I’m clueless as to the knowledge of the new moon.Being bought up in India,as a child whenever I was curious and wanted some excitement I would catch hold of some elderly person and force them to tell me scary and beyond life stories.Yes I was never the barbie doll playing girl.My neighbours and playmates then called me a tom boy.I remember me getting frightened while going to bed after the story’s,but still I never stopped questioning and demanding for more.Here in India there is a lot we do while preparing for the new moon and the day it arrives.Havan, poojas,keeping a fast,wearing the proper coloured clothes,and most importantly asking for peace and serenity on that day.We don’t carry out any important work on that day.Marriages and celebrations are kept for the auspicious days.

While all the above was embedded well in my brain cells,I till today am clueless wether the full moon has got to do something with mental illness.Wether it’s just a psychology I invited or the heavy feeling my body gets when it’s the full moon is something I just stopped trying to figure out.Being a bipolar for so long I trust my instincts and experience on it,though I know there are myths and science involved in getting some answers.As if bipolar mood swings ain’t enough the moon gets into a shading mood.

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