This is what I want to tell my family here freshly pressed from my heart.Its 3 in the morning and I went against my hubby’s wish to get me some sleep.I told him it’s come to my heart and the need to publish it is now,maybe good sleep won’t let me relate to my virtual family.Today I’m healed but still my heart is were I was once.My heart has so much to say,as it’s my bday today,past bdays have created insomnia today,I gained my strengths but my being is still an ingredient of impulsiveness,being frank and I don’t care what you feel.Obviously I could not say this to anyone being sane as they would have suggested me to sleep or maybe take a sleeping pill.So I thought of my this family.I have 17 long years to share with you all,but my other priorities in life keep me away.I started blogging with the clear idea of helping the ones who are suffering my past,but got confused with the methods of awards,freshly pressed,and fame and followers.Many suggested to market my blog,and help it grow.I listened to all but my heart told me if my intentions are true my strengths will glow and radiate to people in need.

I agree I’m a bit out of control with my emotions but when have people really understood us,being our worst jails us and being our best silences them.One bad makes them judge us and the thousand goods are then forgotten.Never felt at home with normal people as I found them too boring and committed to life.Unlike us they are blessed with lesser energy,thoughts,feelings and the need to express.I was told to make my blog more interesting for normal people who are not bipolar,I answered them then what is the sense of my “about me”,and maybe I’ll be of some help to them incase their near and dear ones are suffering.One of my longest blogs as I don’t know where to stop but I won’t forget to leave my strengths:

1) While in it don’t avoid medications
2) Be bold and tell them,don’t let it build
3) Try avoiding overeating
4) Consume lot of liquids as medicines dry your mouth
5) Give sleep your first priority
6) Talk a lot with people you are comfortable with
7) Respect your heart when it warns you about your upcoming rage
8) Try not hurting yourself physically
9) Don’t hesitate to ask more questions to your counsellors
10) Avoid liquor during medications
11) Try avoiding arguments
12) Give a hearing to your loved ones

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