Memorable trip to Sri Lanka


The thing I love the most about travelling is I pay for only one ticket and my bipolar gets a free ride.My trip to Sri Lanka was in 2007 with my sister,my adorable son and a few friends.We covered Colombia,kandy and one more place but can’t remember it to well cause of memory blocks due to heavy medication at that time and me being an extensive traveller.My geography knowledge at that time being on the lower side made me ask an insane question to a fellow traveller in the flight.I asked him due to my travel excitement,the time difference In Sri Lanka and India!! Till today I have a hearty laugh remembering the look he gave me while saying there’s none. My patterns of sleep and my shopping were considered and given first priority among my group,as they were already taking the risk of travelling with me and didn’t want me to feel uncomfortable and stressed.They had the wise thinking of “precaution is better than cure”.Our first stop was at kandy a beautiful hill station.On the way we all realised the right holiday decision my sister had taken.Blue transparent waters,white sand,long green coconut trees.A cleaner version of Goa,ooty,and andaman and nicobar islands.A Coimbatore look alike. I remember that one instance when v all friends were having a good time in the pool,when one of the male instructors urge to get hanky panky with me got the best in him.I sensing that had already planned my move, and desperately in need to execute it, and put a stop to his nonsense lured him out of the pool.He thought it was his lucky day,but he was in for a surprise when I pushed him back into the pool!!! I never felt guilty for my doing as his silence proved his wrong intentions. I try to be my best with my family and friends while travelling,cause what’s the point in spending money and showing them what they get to see for free at home.Like old habits die hard,but can definitely be altered and reduced for the enjoyment of our loved ones.

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