I turn into a werewolf each month


My pms is a treat to my bipolar.The subdued me gets a chance to party once a month and gets into the Halloween mood by becoming a werewolf.Since it has a logical reason to party,there’s nothing much I can really do.Other than me sensing it physically my better half keeps reminding me to chill.His repeated alarm slogan of “KEEP CALM” comes under the “let there be peace at home” campaign in which he is the candidate (preparing for the storm strongly but in vane) My hearts innermost condolences are felt for him,seeing him trying to prevent me from something which is not in my hands.My screaming,irritation,irrational thinking,plotting,laziness,shopping,attention seeking,love insufficiency,arguments are at its worst during this period.I question the creator at these times,why me and why millions like me are cursed with this spell.In Indian villages it is even worst as the women there are not given a chance to voice their feelings.Lack of education,lesser qualified doctors,being technically challenged ,myths about menstrual cycle,and religious beliefs are some of the many difficulties they face.

I feel blessed I stay in a metro city and I’m also aware of the solutions to my problem, but I get helpless when the time for practicing arrives.My always adorable husband is the set target during this time.His efforts in making me feel comfortable act like a trigger and are backfired.If he says anything there would be arguments,if he chooses to maintain silence,he doesn’t care.His work becomes irrelevant to me,and my work is not appreciated by him.My expectation of getting appreciated in by daily routine work should become his top priority.I want becomes more profound then.My love forgets the meaning of the word, and I start dictating terms.

Lots more in my heart but mind tells me to stop,cause I like keeping my blogs short.

9 Comments on “I turn into a werewolf each month

  1. lots in minds needs to come in word and more profoundly in action to cover and replenish the damage . If only feeling and less action could bury the wound and not leave scars …….repeatability is adorable in good act .

  2. I could spend the rest of my life cleaning up the messes I’ve made in ‘werewolf’ mode. I have a very forgiving group of friends and family.

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