Why did I grow up


Our entry into this world is by crying
Our exit from this world is by making our loved ones cry,
As a child I cried while I fell,
I cry today too,when I am unwell,
I was unaware and carefree as a child,
Today I’m alert and answerable I don’t know why?
Other than my school homework I had no worries,
Today my kids homework is my main worry,
As a child I played like I had all the time,
Today my time plays with me like it’s running out of time,
Yesterday was only a demand,
Today is pleading for what I want,
My siblings fights were like preparing for a war,
Today I’m a general dictating which war?
Yesterday was a hope I might be right,
Today I’m right but wrong in every might,
Yesterday my father was the king looking for his prince,
Today my prince is the king looking for our princess,
During this once upon a time story,
Can’t really say I’m grown or still a child!!!

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