My strength and ideas


Mummy I’m afraid I’ll fall,
Hold my finger and trust me you’ll walk!!
Mummy I’m in pain,wah wah wah,
I’ll hold you tight until it vanishes to Spain!!
Mummy this food is not tasting good,
Your taste buds are developing,it will be good!!
Mummy I don’t want to go to school,
You are beautiful,you cannot remain a fool!!
Mummy my grades are not making you happy,
I won’t love you lesser,even if you score a zero!!
Mummy why am I suppose to face pain every month?
Cause in time you have to deliver a heir to someone’s else’s surname!!
Mummy It pains to see you working in and out,
It is my struggle,and my faith it won’t be for very long!!
Mummy I’m in love,will you understand and let me marry?
I have given you love and an upbringing which I know u will carry!!

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