Certified insanes


We are all creations of the Almighty GOD.While creating us he wasn’t being partial but was keeping in mind his status.We are all crazy in our own little ways,some show it and some don’t.We bipolars go one step ahead then others in gaining our degrees in insanity.Its like we are the branded ones and the others are the local ones.Off course we are all aware of the pain and sufferings in acquiring the degree,but it comes natural to us.We by default are pros at it.

The degree is not a total waste as the long years we put in obtaining it we
bipolars learn a lot of witty and cunning ways to get what we want by hook or by crook.To our advantage is pity and sympathy people feel for us for being ill.Yes you might feel I’m a real crook,but then why not.People won’t change their perception about me,as I’m already labelled,and as long as I get what I want,their perception doesn’t really bother me.In my initial bipolar days I was cleaver and wanted to change the world,but today I am wise and i changed myself.

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