Retirement to my alter ego!


She was with me from 14 years!!Staying inside me,feeding on me,dominating me,telling me what to do.She became my boss and I her slave.In the beginning years when she joined she was very nice to me,flattered my soul and my mind to get a permanent roof in me.I too accepted her thinking she’s means no harm to me n will be my friend.But very soon she proved her dominant capabilities on me and started her manipulative methods in tricking me to behave In a particular way which was unlike me.Me being on d meeker side enjoyed the authority I gained in my world by listening to her.Actually I was enjoying it as she by then had taught me how to get what I want by hook or by crook.She was fond of all bad habits n I to please her surrendered too.Then came her wicked and cruel ways in which I became extreme n unbearable to my own people.I loved my people but dint want to loose her too.We Both had become like knots,difficult to untie.My husband left with no choice had to opt for extreme solutions of heavy Medes,shock treatments,and repeated rehabs.In the whole scenario she was still enjoying and my loved ones and I suffering.

My conscience,my guilt, my pain and specially my love for my husbands great efforts and support made me one fine day in 20011 give the resignation to my inner me.I retired her,stopped Medes,did a lot of positive thinking and started engrossing myself by giving unconditional love n support back to my hubby n kids.I just never forget to thank GOD everyday for giving me the strength in doing so.SHE still visits me occasionally but I now know how not to entertain her.

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